Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden Motors Sam Bond's 2-25-12: FLYING BOOTS!

Last night's album release show at Sam Bond's was mucho fun--the 6:00 matinee had some serious preschool moshing going on. I saw one youngster kick off his boot with an outlandish David Lee Roth swagger while spinning around the dance floor. The boot flew up in the air over a table of adults drinking beer and eating pizza and sort of hung there, like the freeze-frame tam in the opening credits of Mary Tyler Moore.  I believe this boot belonged to Mikah, the son of Dan Schmid, and it may still be suspended in mid-air.  At least it is, and will be, in my memory of this happy night of music.  Much gratitude today for our Eugene community and our weird little town. Next week play in Hood River and Portland. And this week brought the good news that we are playing a gig with fIREHOSE in April. 

Sleepy day today, gave Dozer a bath, bought her a new dog bed, took her to the park, watched The Way--a beautiful film--and swam for almost an hour. Had a full-on calf cramp as I pulled myself out of the pool and had to stand half up the ladder with a leg out straight at an angle while the question mark of muscle in my leg turned back into something more linear.  I'm glad that didn't happen while I was swimming, especially if I had been swimming to shore after a jet-ski breakdown.

Our friend Jennifer took some video at the show. We did a half hour of new material before hitting the album stuff. Here's two songs, "High 5" and "The Animal Glide."

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