Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Tourlet + Dan McClure Band Name Defense Fund + Golden Motors on Amazon

A groovy poster by Claire Flint Last, who has helped us mightily with our album release.  

So, we are heading up to Hood River to play at The Trillium Cafe, and then to The White Eagle on Saturday in Portland.  The Double Yellows have changed their name to Sans, because there is already a well-established funky-poppy-party-til-your-tennies-fall-apart band called The Double Yellows.  They rock the canals of Miami on a houseboat called The Hook Up.  The real Double Yellows would slap-bass Dan McClure's mug if he tried to take that band name to the top of the pop music mountain.  I like the name Sans--that's a good one,   much better name.  So Sans will be on the bill tonight, and Last Watch will join us in Portland Saturday.  

Thus, the van is loaded, in the driveway, and the work day begins.  Then we haul balls at quittin' time.  Very glamorous! Perhaps we will have granola bars for the trip. Dan Schmid will be doing homework.  I will probably drive.  Scott K will give lessons in high-end Droid performance optimization.  Mike will laugh at my jokes.  Thank you Mike!  Sometimes you are the only one. 

Like many DIY bands, we are distributing our album online with the help of CD BABY.  In the next month or so, their many digital partners will be coming online as well.  Today it's Amazon.  Thanks CD BABY, and thanks Amazon.  Now you can buy The Golden Motors cd or download AND a Herman Wouk audiobook AND a nitro-fuel-injection component for your modified Hundai AND a paper towel caddy, all on Amazon.  I think you can buy anything on Amazon at this point, except time, love, and eternal life.  And Amazon cannot make you funky-poppy-party-til-your-tennies-fall-apart cool, jamming down the canals of Miami.
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