Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekender w/ Sans and Last Watch Up PDX way.

Here is a little slide show from our weekender.  It starts with load music and ends with records I bought for the next load.  If you open it up you'll get captions.

The Golden Motors record is now at House of Records and Skip's CD World in Eugene.  Go to the record store--there's nice people there, you might meet a life partner or a buddy or someone to join your band.

We had a fun trip to Hood River and PDX for a couple of shows this last weekend.  It was a busy three week swing.  I'd never played Hood River before--we played a place called The Trillium Cafe, run by a super cool guy named Joe Kirkwood who used to work at The White Eagle way back when.  So we played his new bar, and then went to the White Eagle and played at his old bar.  Sans played both shows with us.  Sans is Dan McClure, Eric Jensen, and Dave Clark playing some thick, fuzzy, poppy postpunk stuff, and I really like it.  Saturday we were joined by Last Watch, a duo featuring John Johnson from Hillstomp playing a big ol real drum set, and his buddy Scott channeling RL Burnside and Tony Iommi.  Very cool stuff. 

I want to say a special thanks to my old Eugene friend Dena and her man Paul for getting a babysitter, showing up at nine o'clock thinking they'd see us, and staying til the very bitter end after finding out we didn't go on til late.  NICE PEOPLE. 

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