Saturday, March 10, 2012

Compact Disk Alarm Clock + Psyrop/Go Mo/Soothesayers Rock Show Pix

Here's a new demo from the garage.  It started out as an instrumental called "lime funyons."  That didn't inspire any words about funyons, lime or otherwise, but somehow I flashed on my old CD alarm clock, which at the time was a weird luxury for me.  Having a cd alarm clock and waking up to something other than a beep or a digital chirp felt indulgent, like joining The International Mustard of the Month Club, or having my car detailed.  

I strummed the chords one morning, added the vocals another morning...drums after that...and today, bass and guitar.  I make coffee, I bump into stuff, it's what I do. And it sounds like this.  The poet William Stafford said that there is no such thing as writer's block as long as you are willing to lower your standards. 

I'm excited about going to my home territory of KCMO for The Middle of The Map Festival, playing a solo set on Saturday, April 7.  Details TBA.  Excited that I will finally get to see both Mission of Burma and Fucked Up, plus who knows what all good stuff.

And if that's not fun enough, my birthday weekend includes a trip up to Hood River to see The Meat Puppets at The Double Mountain Brewery.  My all-time favorite band--43 is starting out good.

Here's a slide show from the 3/10 show @ The Oak Street Speakeasy w/ Psyrop and The Soothesayers. It was great being part of the debut of Ryan's new band. Psyrop puts together the full Ryan Tochhini package...Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, Melvins...this band can totally broast your brain like a chicken at the Land O Goshen Tavern.  The Soothesayers were on fire, which is typical, playing Nuggets-era covers.  Sam is just an amazing rock singer.  She kicks ass.
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