Saturday, November 3, 2012


It’s official, The Golden Motors are heading into the studio on 11/16 to record eleven new songs, presumably in a fevered, efficient, caffeinated two-day blur.  This time we’ll be at Fusion Bomb in Eugene’s Historical Whiteaker Neighborhood, which is where Dave Snider, James West, Scott K and I worked with Ty Connor on his Incident Log project.  It was great.  (That project is about to go to mastering, I think.)  It’s a fun batch of songs. We’ve shaped them up together.  Some of them I’ve already shared in low-fi form.  Here's the potential track list:

Hi 5
Compact D
Accomodate Nothin’
Two Volcanoes
The Animal Glide
Kiss Ya On The Nose
Black Boots
Lazy Larry On The Lowdown
Twinkle Time
Nebraska Bolt and Hinge
Car Dancing

Yesterday at Super Taco, I finished a spooky book called Harbor by John Ajvide Lindqvist.  The cover said he was the Stephen King of Sweden, and I’m always game for an international Stephen King proxy.  This book is of interest to Smith’s fans, as it features two undead characters who quote Morrisey’s lyrics.   Me, I enjoyed discovering the folk singer Evert Taube.  There was a window of time when the Smiths could have grabbed me, in around 1984, but I was cranking Soul Asylum and wearing flannel shirts.  This book was scary and weird but basically a story of soul retrieval--of an ordeal undertaken for the soul of a child, and the soul of a place.  Very cool.

Then a travel memoir by Lawrence Durrell, Bitter Lemons of Cypress, came up on the Kindle 3.99 list, so I went for that.  After five hundred pages of ancient malice and human sacrifice in the dark waters of Sweden, a lighter, Mediterranean vibe seemed right.

Was gifted the second most recent GBV record by my bud Justin at work, it’s nuts. 

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