Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook Two Ways

I'd like to encourage fans to LIKE Dan Jones Music on Facebook, here.

Here's a post from my personal page yesterday.  It stirred up a real storm.  Tomorrow?  Mustard water.

I have alot of ideas--some practical, some bankable, some very marginal. My idea for today is a testing kit for sour cream, to differentiate between red mold--we're told this is the "worst kind," from an early age--and salsa or ketchup that was on the spoon last time sour cream was served out of the container. When a tub of sour cream falls under suspicion because of a little remnant dab of some harmless red condiment, there's a real risk there: wasting perfectly good product, and having a less than optimal taco, burrito, yum bowl, or what have you. I know that some of you are thinking that yogurt can be subbed in if this happens, but that's slumming, as far as I'm confirmed. Yogurt--even greek yogurt--is no substitute for sour cream. And once you turn that corner, guess what--you'll need a mold testing kit for the yogurt too.

Bandcamp offers nifty new players now, such as this one:

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