Friday, June 28, 2013


It's getting to be glory time here in the valley--great bike commuting weather.  Here's today's commute Ipod Shuffle:

ian hunter and the rant band: what for

the rolling stones: shake your hips

milton nascimento & lo borges: o trem azul

ali farka toure: inchana massina

bad brains: give thanks and praises

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Friday, August 30 
Dan Jones 

Eagles of Freedom

Redray Frazier
Don't know what to say about Royals baseball that hasn't been said.  I melted down a couple weeks ago and tried really hard to disown them and get on with my life.  But I've been tuning in through the ups and downs and keeping tabs on my blood pressure, and just hope they can start hitting consistently because pitching that good shouldn't be wasted. 


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