Saturday, March 1, 2014


I got to sit in for 90 minutes or so with Steve Thursday night and spin some records at miniBar, it was great fun, not unlike being 16 again and hanging out in our rooms or basements--spinning records.  The photo is by a creative KC blogger named Mathew Vanberg.

One of the weird things about KC is that there is no college radio.  No college radio for those currently in college, and no college radio for those who were in college when college radio was initially defined.  I spun Volcano Suns, Jimmy Reed, Rhythm Pigs, The Damned, Lee Ranaldo, No Age, Tom Troccoli's Dog, Guided By Voices, Big Boys, Grandpaboy, Pere Ubu...Steve spun Meat Puppets, Devo, Black Sabbath, Big Black, Archers of Loaf...and more.  

I guess you could say the theme radio.
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