Sunday, March 30, 2014


Late Friday we heard about Alejandro Escovedo playing at Knuckleheads  and spontaneously hauled ass down there.  It was a great show in a venue that was new to us, down in the East bottoms [thank you Steve for correction].  The show really rocked and it was amazing to see a packed house of all ages going nuts for A.E.  I wished that Billy Barnett had been there. The last song was "Real As An Animal," shouted out to Scotty Asheton.

Then we got up Saturday and drove over to Jefferson City for my dad's 89th birthday and some farm time.  Pablo got down with his cousin KC, chasin' voles, chewin' antlers, and rollin' in stuff.

Baseball starts tomorrow.  I'm more excited about being in KC to see a lot of games with my friends and family than I am about the goofy expectations heaped on this pretty solid baseball team.  I think to beat last year's 86-win season, the offensive production will have to be vastly improved.  I don't think the pitching has improved.  I would love for them to make the playoffs but I don't quite expect that they will.  I am keeping my expectations low and hope to enjoy the ride and hope they do too.

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