Sunday, November 29, 2015


SquidsKC likely played their last recordBAR gig at the current location last weekend, with Sons of Great Dane and Nate Allen.  That was fun.  Thanks to recordBAR for having us on stage many times.  I'm looking forward to whatever the new venue turns out to be.

The University of Iowa football team is 12-0.  Very few of my fellow alums on Facebook are making a big deal about it.  When we were in Iowa we read a great deal and drank a great deal of beer,  having wisely chosen a college with a great English department and an OK football department.  But this is really a fun development and I am following it, rooting for erstwhile Iowa to take it all. 

It's crazy how quickly you can lose track of dog poop in high autumn leaves.  You really have to keep your eye on the pile, and take a flashlight.

When you're at the beach sometimes a wave comes along that knocks you down or steadily pushed you back and then over into the swirling sand.  So it goes with keeping track of how much awesome new music there is in a variety of formats.  I took a long walk yesterday to Crow Coffee, listening to Eno's Discrete Music on Spotify.  I also bought a 4 lb mallet for pounding in yard edging, and hardware to install a $10 yardsale chandelier and hardware to rewire a table lamp.  This was great fun, but a 4 lb mallet and lighting hardware...That's my record-buying budget. 

The chances of me taking a flier on the new sSshallotssSs record or cassette is slim.  The wave has knocked me over and the planet is a-whorl with new vibrations.  I'm a middle aged music baby in amniotic chaos.  I listen to Robert Wyatt while I cook dinner.  The CD player in the van only works after the vehicle warms up so I listen to John D McDonald novels on my phone, or NPR.  The ECM Facebook page is constantly putting up cool Youtubes.  If I come across the Orange Doe-Nuts record I'll buy it!  To whomever bought The Golden Motors record on Itunes, thank you.

I got my buddy Mark this Meat Puppets/Steal Your Face shirt on Redbubble.  So #*&$%(^&#@* cool!!!  

I've also been enjoying Sharpie art, and fiddling with my electronic keyboard...

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