Monday, December 7, 2015


I felt a million times better yesterday AM after coming to a reckoning with how much time I was looking at Facebook and tracking ugly arguments about hard issues between people who aren't looking each other in the eye. I felt much better realizing I don't ever want to hate anyone, if I can at all help it, and if I do, I need to do everything I can to let that go.  I also happened upon this article about religion and dopamine, which did more to explain atrocity (and grace) than a bajillion Facebook posts. 

I took a long walk listening to Steve Reich's "Music For 18 Musicians," and it was a beautiful morning. I went into the Kauffmann Memorial Garden and happened upon the interior Christmas display, with hundreds of poinsettia and star jasmine blooming indoors. Then I brought out Christmas decor at home and dragged a very nice artificial tree out of the crawlspace upstairs--left behind by the previous owners. It's a really nice fake tree and there were no brown recluses hiding in the dusty old box.  Plus I spun some Steely Dan, Tom Petty, and Oingo Boingo on the t-table.

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