Saturday, May 14, 2016


1. SquidsKC have a show June 17 at Californo's with Small Waves, part of the Under The Stars series.  Hope to see you there.

 2. The Plaza Library poetry stacks are not huge, just a handful of columns, but I do enjoy going there and picking something out, whatever jumps out at me.  The wedge-shaped floor plan and tall glass windows with a Plaza view make it one of my favorite places.

3. Do I judge books by their covers? Yes.

4. Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad bumped Mad Men for a while at our house, but now that we are in the middle of Season Six, it's really a marvelous show, again.

5. Building raised beds is pretty easy if you have a countersink bit and buy lumber wide enough to achieve the depth you want without multiple boards per side.  Levelling on a slope will make you sweat, however.


6. The first three months of the year were for the most part sugar free, dessert free, junk food free.  The last six weeks have been alcohol free other than a couple of Duvels for my Aunt Priscilla's 85th birthday at JJ's.  Some of the sugar has crept back in.  My next minor vice to address is: worrying and bitching about stuff.

7. My plan to lose one pound a month for three years is going better than expected.  This is what happens when you stop drinking two beers every night.

8. Exercising five or six days a week, eating better--this imperative isn't going away.

9. As a 47 year-old with an 18 year old GMC Safari van and daydreams about a new truck, I must be in the crosshairs of every car marketing campaign ever, past, present, and future.  Renting a Ford F250 to haul dirt has ruined me.  I know a small truck would be fine, but that one rode so high, the stereo sounded so good, I felt like a lord, oh to crank some Flying Burrito Brothers in such a truck and float down to the lake with lawn chairs in the back.

10.  Every two to three years I buy the new Bob Mould  record and always like it.  It is special to buy such a record at Mills Record Company, across the street from the old location of Music Exchange, where I bought Flip Your Wig in 1985,
and probably went across the street to have a grinder at Mario's.

 11. The Who show at Sprint Center was a wonder, grateful to see that.

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